Massages etc.

The art of touch

After sport, as therapy, or simply for relaxation: massages help reduce stress, remove tensions, and strengthen the immune system.

classic massages

approx. 45 minutes€ 50.00Whole body massage: Back, neck, legs, arms and stomach
approx. 25 minutes€ 31.00Partial body: Back or legs

Facial massage

approx. 20 minutes€ 27.00


approx. 35 minutes€ 42.00

sports massage

approx. 35 minutes€ 48.00Whole body: back and legs

Combi massage

A combination of back massage and foot reflex zone massage

approx. 45 minutes€ 66.00

Manual lymph drainage

A very relaxing, extremely gentle form of massage. Using special grip techniques, the removal of blocked tissue fluid is achieved and the venous return flow is encouraged.

approx. 45 minutes€ 57.00Whole body

Foot reflex zone massage

Using thumb pressure on the soles, the feet are massaged. Using nerve roots that end here, the whole body can be influenced.

approx. 25 minutes€ 39.00

Breuss massage

St John’s wort oil massage of the spinal area. Various stroking techniques bring about a soft stretching and regenerating of the discs and vertebrae. Treatment area: for stressed backs and suffering discs.

approx. 30 minutes€ 42.00

Spine therapy Dorn and Breuss

As well as using the Breuss massage, blockages of the vertebrae can be released using rhythmic movements. Treatment area: wrong positioning of vertebrae, scoliosis, and symptoms of wear and tear.

approx. 55 minutes€ 69.00

four-handed massage

Our 4-handed massage is delivered by 2 masseurs at the same time, the customer is therefore massaged by 4 hands. An unforgettable experience during which the sensation of time and space blurs and relaxation arrives.

approx. 35 minutes€ 60.00Whole body
approx. 20 minutes€ 52.00Partial body

herbal posy massage

Intensive care and relaxation brought about by a massage with fist-sized “cotton stamps” filled with herbs, spices, and care ingredients.

approx. 75 minutes€ 95.00Whole body

Dolomite LOMI

Lomi is a traditional Hawaiian type of massage. This massage experience with precious herbal oils from the mountains not only enables deep relaxation but also sustainable regeneration on a mental and spiritual level.

approx. 80 minutes€ 99.00Whole body
approx. 40 minutes€ 45.00Partial body

anti-stress massage

A special treat for your whole body. Your body is treated to gentle strokes from top to toe, then pampered with warm massage pouches, instantly relieving stress.

approx. 65 minutes€ 99.00Whole body

Magdalena´s mountain massage

With an aromatic oil of your choice.

approx. 45 minutes€ 59.00Whole body: Back, neck, legs, arms and stomach
approx. 25 minutes€ 38.00Partial body: Back or legs

We recommend booking your required appointment well in advance

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