Body treatments & baths

More radiance for your skin through the power of nature

Vinoble Cosmetics

Vinoble products contain no parabens, no paraffin, no synthetic colour chemicals or preservatives.

Vinoble Balance Massage

Relax with this energetic massage that gives you new power. With the help of hot grape seed pouches, you feel rested and relaxed.

approx. 55 minutes€ 79.00

Vinoble Cleansing

A purifying peeling made of grape seeds and Austrian crystal salt. By cleansing the skin’s surface, your body can perfectly absorb the precious unsaturated fatty acids of the cold pressed grapeseed oil. For silky smooth skin.

approx. 25 minutes€ 41.00

Vinoble pithy

A combination of whole-body peeling with salt and grape seeds and an invigorating whole-body massage. Removes dead skin cells, and treats the skin with soothing grape seed oil. Gives a harmonious body feeling.

approx. 70 minutes€ 77.00


Vinoble products contain no parabens, no paraffin, and no synthetic colour chemicals or preservatives.

All-in-one, the treatment series that opens, nourishes, releases, activates, and cleanses. The complete treatment series consists of various massage methods including packs and cleansing to support metabolism. Thanks to a variety of massage methods, your body is detoxified in a targeted way, blockages are released, and the lymph system is stimulated.

Vinotherapy – BOUQUET

The first timer: Oil and powder massage followed by body pack in our soft pack bed.

approx. 50 minutes€ 79.00

Vinotherapy – REMOVAL

Glove massage, oil massage, massage with a fascial tool for myofascial and connecting tissue, reflex point cluster massage.

approx. 50 minutes€ 69.00

For your body

Enjoy relaxation, wellbeing, and a unique feeling of happiness in our health baths. Recuperation for body, soul, and spirit.

Serail bath

A specially prepared care pack is thinly applied to your whole body, releasing its effects in the Serail cabin, filled with steam (approx. 45°C). With Dolomite moor mud, salt pack, or East Tyrolean therapeutic earth.

Dolomite moor mud: relieves pain, eases, promotes circulation, and raises the body’s own defence mechanisms.
East Tyrolean therapeutic earth: cleanses the skin in a sustainable way, and gives basic detoxification.
Salt pack: detoxifies, purifies, removes water, has a gentle peeling effect, and firms the skin.

approx. 30 minutes€ 47.00For 2 people
approx. 30 minutes€ 31.00For 1 person

Mountain Crystal Peeling

Enjoy an aromatic mountain crystal peeling in our Serail bath either alone or as a couple. Choose between honey-pine or arnica. Honey-pine: a body peeling that regulates moisture, gives your skin elasticity and smoothness, activates cell generation and re-establishes your skin balance. Arnica: refreshes and cleanses the skin, moisturises. Cooling, regenerating, and vitalising after athletic effort.

approx. 20 minutes€ 47.00For 2 people
approx. 20 minutes€ 31.00For 1 person

East Tyroler Hay Bath

The health secret that the Pustertal farmers have been aware of for years, and one that is still a popular home remedy: this treatment involves wrapping you in aromatic, warm mountain hay in our rustic waterbed. The hay comes from Alpine meadows around Sillian. This leads to a mild over-heating that stimulates the circulatory system, relaxes the muscles, and activates the digestive system.

approx. 40 minutes€ 57.00For 2 people
approx. 40 minutes€ 37.00For 1 person


Welcome to heaven. We get our guests to above water. Choose between peelings and packs used with this heated treatment lounger.


  • Salt peeling with almonds and Macadamia oil (BABOR) has protecting, strengthening, balancing properties
  • Lime salt peeling (BABOR) has invigorating, vitalising, refreshing properties
  • Honey-pine peeling (Alpienne) has moisture regulating effects and promotes elasticity
  • Arnica peeling (Alpienne) cools, regenerates, and vitalises
  • Salt-grape seed peeling (VINOBLE) moisturises, improves circulation, firms the skin.


  • Honey-wine pack (VINOBLE) smooths and nourishes the skin, giving a unique feeling of freshness
  • Moor-Alpine herb pack (Alpienne) promotes a feeling of wellbeing, improves blood circulation and metabolism, strengthens circulation
  • Sport & health pack (Alpienne) promotes circulation, reduces inflammation, activates metabolism, loosens muscles.
approx. 30 minutes€ 31.00for 1 person

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