rovina del castello Heinfels Tirolo orientale

They still exist - the legendary, striking castles in beautiful East Tyrol, just opposite the Dolomiten Residenz Sporthotel Sillian!

The castle ruins Heinfels perched on the northern side of the valley above Panzendorf near Sillian in East Tyrol and can be conquered by foot or motorized. Once at the castle hill, you can enjoy an incredible view over the valley and at the same time you can get goose bumps from dark legends about hidden treasures and sparkling animal guards.

The mighty complex impresses with round and angular towers, a 20-meter-high keep - the center of the castle ruins, peppered with 38 loopholes, and kennel systems to reinforce the castle ruins Heinfels.

In the Middle Ages, the striking storm piles were used for defense, as they prevented the creation of ladders to climb the castle.

For new glory and splendor is worked diligently on the renovation of the castle ruins, so that in 2020 Heinfels in East Tyrol can impress again with "inner values" and its magnificent stucco decoration knight's hall.


Of knights, counts and chocolate princes at Heinfels Castle

The castle ruin Heinfels in East Tyrol near the Dolomiten Residenz Sporthotel Sillian has had adventurous times: From knight Otto von Heunvels in 1243 over the Counts of Gorizia to Emperor Maximilian, who mortgaged the castle from the need of money to the Bishop of Bressanone, there were stormy times with light and shadow. After a fire in 1613, large parts of the castle were destroyed, and put the fate of Heinfels in the hands of the state. Since 1977, the fortified castle ruins is not only privately owned, but is also constantly being restored.

Today, the building enjoys the chocolate side of the entrepreneurial Loacker family, which can be visited in their world of enjoyment in Heinfels. Away from the castle ruins, you can create your own waffles in the hands-on pastry shop, enjoy the confectionery art of neo-lords Loacker or marvel at the world's largest Loacker Quadritini pack.


The legendary castle ruins Heinfels in East Tyrol

Legendary is already the foundation of the castle, which is attributed to the Huns. Hence the name "Heunfels" or "Huonenfels", which accompanied the complex from the 5th to the 16th century. Today it is assumed that Heinfels was founded by the Avars and later was owned by Bavarian dukes.

Another legend tells that from the Salcherhaus - below the castle and today's Gasthaus Burg Heimfels - an underground passage leads up to Heinfels Castle. There, behind closed iron doors, lies the castle treasure, guarded by two pitch-black dogs with sparkling eyes. Perhaps you are one of the brave ones who steal the key from the beast's mouth and raise the treasure?