Wellness for men

Applications & treatments especially for him

Care and wellbeing for men. Enjoy individual treatments specially made to match men’s skin.

BABOR Facial treatment for men

For fresh, healthy, perfectly cared for men’s skin. This soothing treatment promotes resilience, stress resistance, and the regeneration process of the skin, strengthening natural protection functions and cell membranes. Cleansing, peeling, deep cleansing, active ingredient concentrate, mask, day or night care.

approx. 55 minutes€ 69.00

Aromatic massage

Back, nape of neck, arms, legs, and stomach

approx. 45 minutes€ 55.00

Sports massage

Back and legs

approx. 35 minutes€ 45.00

Aromatic partial massage

Back or legs

approx. 25 minutes€ 35.00

Manicure with hand massage

Manicure with hand massage

approx. 35 minutes€ 27.00

Hand care deluxe

Hand care deluxe

approx. 55 minutes€ 45.00

Pedicure with foot massage

Pedicure with foot massage

approx. 45 minutes€ 37.00

Pedicure deluxe

Pedicure deluxe

approx. 55 minutes€ 56.00

Vinotherapy – Removal

Glove massage, oil massage, massage with myofascial tool for myofascial and connective tissue, reflex point cluster massage.

approx. 50 minutes€ 69.00

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