Snowshoeing: On gentle soles through the winter

The crunch of their own steps in the snow, the exhalation of breath in the winter air, a lot of untouched nature and nothing else. Snowshoeing is probably the gentlest kind of winter sports and suitable for everyone. East Tyrol offers endless possibilities with its original mountain world.

Discover hiking as winter sports

Hiking is only something for summer and autumn? If you believe that, you should try a snowshoe tour. No road, no slope or trail - you don’t need much to go snowshoeing. That makes it wonderfully uncomplicated.

Winter clothing, waterproof shoes, snowshoes and sticks are completely sufficient. You can rent snowshoes as well. They are strapped to the normal footwear. They increase the contact surface and thus prevent a deep sinking into the snow and through the structure at the bottom of a slide even in steeper terrain.

Close to nature

The landscape is wrapped in a thick layer of snow. From time to time a tree throws off a part of the snow load. If you go beneath it, you will miss a powder snow cap. Step by step, you get closer to nature and leave behind the often so loud and stressful everyday life and come to nature as close as hardly ever. Only the tracks remain in the snow.

From the Grossglockner to the Lienz Dolomites

Whether under the spell of the Großglockner or in the Lienz Dolomites: there are numerous signposted routes between Kals, St. Jakob and Lienz to explore. Most tours are offered in the area around Sillian.

As with all outdoor activities, planning and safety are important. Enough snacks and drinks, weatherproof clothing, accurate tour planning, avalanche awareness, and to inform anyone where to go, are advised.

Guided snowshoe trekking

If you do not want to go alone, you can join a guided snowshoe hike. An unforgettable experience are the full moon tours on snowshoes, when the snow-covered forests and mountains are immersed in this magical light and the moon shows the way. The dates will be announced by the Tourist Board East Tyrol for 2019/2020. Registration is required. More information is available at the tourist office.