More than ever, we feel obliged to act for the benefit of our guests and employees. In coordination with the official requirements, we have adapted and refined our existing hygiene standards. The entire team of the Dolomiten Residenz is continuously trained and not only focuses on naturalness with certainty, but also “behind the scenes”. As a visual sign that we care about safety, we added baby elephants to our team this summer. They will accompany or support us in all areas, sometimes in “real”, sometimes “imaginary” and sometimes symbolically. But always careful to make the time in the Dolomiten Residenz as carefree and pleasant as possible for guests and employees alike - and that with safety and everyone with personal responsibility!

In the following we explain some processes and measures in the individual hotel areas, which we particularly ask you to adhere to during your break in the Dolomites Residence.

If you have any questions during your stay, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Your Dolomiten Residenz **** s team with director Reinhard Webhofer


Basically, we ask you to arrive healthy.

If you feel ill during your stay and / or show signs of Covid19, we ask you and your roommates to stay in your room and to contact us immediately at reception (extension: 80). We establish contact with the responsible authority and of course we will stay in contact with you.


Our baby elephant "welcomes" you at the reception. This embodies the discretionary and currently necessary minimum distance from other people. We kindly ask you to come to reception for check-in with a maximum of 2 adults per booking. So we can certainly look after you in the best possible way. If we already have the registration data, waiting times at check-in can be avoided. The room cards will be handed over to you freshly disinfected.


Mouth and nose protection must be worn wherever a distance of at least one meter cannot be maintained. In many areas you can move freely around the house as before - but always with the imaginary baby elephant at your side.

If you have forgotten your mouth and nose protection, we also have masks ready for you at reception.


Daily room cleaning has also been adapted to the new standards. Our cleaning team is well trained and prepared and has always used its own cleaning utensils for each room. You will find your room "sealed" after every cleaning.

It goes without saying that the laundry will (as before) be deposited, washed and disposed of in accordance with strict hygiene regulations.


Our service team will accompany you to the table on the evening of your arrival and introduce you to the rest of the process.
Please wear your face mask at the buffet (breakfast, afternoon snack, dinner).

Under the proven leadership of head chef Ludwig Schett, we offer you the dishes in the usual variety and creativity. You can still expect a combination of served dishes and newly designed buffets for breakfast, afternoon snacks and dinner. Of course, everything in compliance with the safety regulations.
The children will still get their money's worth, but this summer their fixed seat will only be at the table with their parents.


In principle, the entire Wellness & Spa is open.
In compliance with the hygiene and safety regulations, we offer our massage and cosmetics offer as usual.
The (double) loungers in the rest areas are placed in the entire indoor wellness area, taking into account the minimum distance of one meter (with our baby elephant in between) and the currently permitted maximum number.

The saunas and the steam bath currently require 6 m² per person. Before entering, please always note the maximum number that is signposted and prescribed by the authorities. The same applies to all indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Please be sure to note the number of people declared.
We are currently not using sauna infusions, but we have small surprises in store for you. We have reinterpreted the small refreshments and drinks in the spa and are still offering them. In the wellness area, in particular, please always keep an eye on our baby elephant distance from other people / families and avoid the so-called peak times if possible.


The entire program of activities is held in the usual way, but observing the minimum distance and taking into account the maximum number of participants allowed.
The fitness room is open and accessible according to official requirements. Our baby elephant will also accompany you here - important: keep your distance


Please only bring your child to childcare if they are healthy!

Also this summer, the care of the children (from 3 years) takes place during the day if possible outdoors. The kids' club is closed during outdoor care hours. Of course, hygiene and safety standards are also guaranteed in the children's club. Our supervisors explain the new usus to the children (e.g. disinfect hands before and after entering). Mouth and nose protection is mandatory for parents and adults in the children's club.


  • We have adapted and refined the standards of our cleaning and disinfection plan to the current situation.
  • Additional disinfection stands are distributed in useful places throughout the house. (e.g. reception & bar, restaurant, spa).
  • The cleaning intervals are increased and documented. Fittings, door handles, elevator buttons, etc. are disinfected several times a day. All rooms are regularly disinfected and frequently ventilated.


We ask you to sign the bills in the restaurant and bar area on the same day and to check accordingly in order to avoid waiting times at the reception. Please clarify split invoices in advance. Ideally, you pay the bill contactlessly - with a debit or credit card.

One more thing is very important to us:

We were so looking forward to seeing you!

Enjoy a great time with us in the Dolomiten Residenz **** s!